First of all look in the eyes on the leftside!

Now, when you know what is "tripple push", you ready to listen!

Starcraft:Broodwar for me always will be more then just a game.
I still play it / watch it and, probably, I will never stop. If you read my message, I hope you have same position.
Old good Defiler Tours are over. And I, Master "Best Zerg in The World" Yoda sit on the peak of Fudziyama, meet sunset and searh new ideas.
Sometime I will continue New-Format-Tours, where no ZvZ finals, no time-delay - all will be perfect for viewers & players.
But I am not that young, when defiler-way was started. I mean, I cant give all time to my endless love, cause have stupid real-life, etc...
Golden age of SC:BW obviously ends, and not so many people help me for free. And I am not very professional web coder, ooke ^^. So money can helps.
But actually if no one donate - fine. Just continue to love true art - SC:BW ^^
From my side, I try to do, what I must to do with help/donate or without. Cause actually I am not do it for some "random cocksucker on the other end of internet cable" or stinky money, I do it for myself and my love to SC:BW.
Samurai way is lonely way, after all.
With hope you understand.

Money Purposes:
- Future tournaments
- Site hosting
- Code work - New-Tours-Brackets
- Communism
* D-Money will never work for my personal intrest or personal intrest of other people. I believe 66 tours give some strength to that my words...

If you have questions or want some site privileges (gaz / special icon / etc) for donate, then write directly to Grossmeister Yoda:
e-mail: d-yoda@yandex.ru
skype: stimpackuser



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* After all, it can be, Master Yoda I am, use all money for blackjack, viskey and whores.


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Вебмани, Яндекс-деньги, Манибукерсы, а также ака на старзах указаны выше. Также как и контакты.

* Хотя может случится и так, что пожертвованные деньги, Йода я есть, потрачу на блэкджэк, виски и путан.

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