Rules of Mini Tour

Mini Tour - its small prize, only one map, single elimination + bo1, bo3 at final round

You can get your prize at: Write admin after tourney immediately!

1. We stick to the honest play rules set at server. This means that we play with AH and Lan Latency turned on.

2. Use of bags (which are described at is prohibited.

3. Lags. Players incompatibility in one game.
In such case you are advised to solve the matter not involving the admin unnecessarily. You may try to play on the other server (lets say Garena) or using Hamachi. Admin involvement into such matter will mean that the match outcome will be decided by tossing up of a coin.

- If you are lagging (and lagging very much) and you know about it, do not try to cheat admin and set things as if you opponent is lagging. This is going to be revealed and you will be punished.

- If both players are lagging and do not agree to play with each other, then the match shall be resulted in coin tossing up.

- If you really cannot reach the consensus and figure out who is lagging out of two of you, then try to enter other games, and if your internet is lagging with other opponents too, you should recognize it and inform your opponent that he can take tech win.

- If you consider there are lags, though sustaining the play is still bearable, but your opponent does not agree with that, the decision on the matter shall remain after the admin.

4. How long should you wait for the opponent if he/she is not responding or is offline? 15 minutes is a standard term after which you shall write the admin about W.O.. In separate cases exclusions can be done, if the absent player notified the admin that will be absent for not more than 20-25 minutes.
Remark: Do not abuse such requests. Such requests will be pleased one time only per each player during the tournament.

5. How should you write the admin about assigning you with the W.O.?
Write: "#reason#, #line number#", where #line number# its your current match number in the draw.
examples: opp offline, 57 or opp dont answer, 64.

6. Admin is busy. If he does not reply to you, you should repeat the message after several minutes. Keep in mind: It is frequent that admin is another tournament player or he/she is getting too many messages from the people and he is not always able to read what you have written to him/her.

7. The tournament streams. If you wish to stream games from our tournament, there is no problem, if you can agree with other players and enter the game as observer

8. Admin has a right to stream any game. If not more than 2 minutes passed after the game started and admin asked you to leave in order to stream your match, you must do it!

9. Bad manner. We had a lot of argues regarding BM. It was decided to leave all after Iccup Admins. If you get BM-ed, you can claim directly to Iccup admins. administration cannot bear such responsibilities on themselves, except for one: the bm-player spams the channel or the game chat with his bm, really disturbing the game process. In such case you shall inform the admin, and such player will be punished.

10. Partnership. We are glad to any partnership. Please contact:

skype: lisyonok_7x

Good luck! Play Broodwar!